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7 Reasons to go to Dubai

It is not unexpected that Dubai has long been one of the most extravagant nations for travelers. Due to the confluence of the best man-made structures in the world, enormous shopping malls, and the most extravagant and magnificent items—even gold ATMs—this city and emirate always leave people feeling “overwhelmed.” With these attractions, visiting Dubai is every traveler’s fantasy. Contrary to popular belief, everyone can visit Dubai; all you need is a well-thought-out strategy and a reasonable spending limit. The following are a few reasons why Dubai will capture your heart

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo:

Visiting this beautiful paradise of luxury is made even more compelling by the aquarium at the Dubai Mall. It houses approximately 33,000 aquatic animals and the world’s best collection of sand tiger sharks in a giant 10 million-liter tank.

With 140 species and hundreds of unique aquatic animals, this stunning Aquarium is one of the world’s largest hanging aquariums. Prepare to snorkel and dive into the beautiful underwater world of the Underwater Zoo and Dubai Aquarium, which is home to hundreds of sharks and countless other colorful species.

From Arabian frogs, enormous spiders, ornate spiders, bats, scorpions, and hedgehogs to bee chameleons, frog-eyed geckos, and creepers, you can spot giant crocodiles and penguins.

Camel Riding

Dubai has a reputation for grandeur, a metropolitan vibe, and vibrant nightlife for good cause. However, the city also offers a calmer, less well-known side that is equally fascinating. Go to the tranquil deserts if you enjoy traveling and want to experience a place for what it truly is. The desert, which is Dubai’s essence, can offer a novel experience away from the city’s opulent lifestyle.

The golden dunes bring to mind the amazing tales of Dubai’s transformation from a sizable sandbar to a popular tourist destination on a global scale. The best way to explore the desert is on a camel. They are referred to as the ships of the desert because of how easily they navigate the sand. A camel ride is one of the many thrills available during a desert safari in Dubai.

Palm Islands

The magnificent Palm Jumeirah should surely be viewed on any trip to Dubai. The artificial islands in the Palm Islands are designed to resemble palm leaves. The view from Dubai Marina is stunning, and it has added many kilometers to Dubai’s shoreline.

The gorgeous island, constructed on sand and natural rock with coral reefs surrounding it, offers an experience that is exclusive to this place. There are numerous great dining establishments, amusement parks, and recreational opportunities in Palm Jumeirah. You can also partake in extracurricular activities like water sports and skydiving.

City Life of Abu Dhabi

An intriguing mix of global influences, Abu Dhabi is a desert city with several centers — from the cultured Saadiyat Island and its frenetic alter ego, Yas Island, to the unexpected serenity of the wildlife-rich mangroves.

Wonky skyscrapers whiz by us. We can’t take our eyes off the towers from the time we arrive in Abu Dhabi. The modern desert city’s architectural marvels keep getting better, whether it’s the high-rises, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, or the Emirates Palace. Date palm trees shade the vast highways, sprouting periodically from the attractive dividers. It has more gorgeous beaches, including the free ones at Saadiyat Island or the Corniche

Shopping in Dubai

When we utter the term Dubai, another word from the Oxford dictionary,’ shopping,’ naturally comes to mind. Shopping in Dubai may not always mean obtaining more for less money, but it does provide fun and fulfillment from strolling and getting lost in the gorgeous displays in vast malls.

In Dubai, Western-style shopping centers typically feature well-known international brands. Souks (markets) are locations to go to if you want to buy gold, clothes, and electronics at a low cost and unbranded, whereas shopping malls may provide the same products at a lower. In addition, you can shop for Arabian dates, sheesha pipes or hookahs, Arabic coffee, Persian rugs, and wooden furniture.

The Dubai Shopping Festival in the spring and Dubai Summer Surprises in the summer are two significant events that provide great deals on entertainment options.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The “Dubai Miracle Garden” is a site that consists of a 72 000 square meter artificial flower paradise that hosts over 100 million blooms annually. The Miracle Garden is maintained throughout the year with manual effort, intricate views of the flower blossoms, and beautiful splendor.

Tourists are welcomed to a one-of-a-kind adventure with each visit to the garden, as the floral collection varies with the seasons, allowing visitors to recreate a magical experience again and over. Picturesque, vivid colors with a desert backdrop and the aroma of blossoming flowers create an unimaginably rich sensory experience.

Such eye-catching visuals include a variety of stunningly attractive butterfly species. Visitors can explore the “Butterfly Garden,” which is made up of roughly 9 domes and covers 1800 square feet.

Burj Khalifa

The world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, is one of the must-see attractions. For such a strikingly modern structure, it may surprise you to learn that Burj Khalifa’s architecture is deeply rooted in Dubai and its regional heritage. While the interconnecting circles that extend out from the tower’s footprint are part of the design motif, they were inspired by Islamic geometric traditions. The tower’s tier-spiral shape is reminiscent of traditional Middle Eastern architecture.

This extends to the surrounding environment, which shapes the gardens at the tower’s foot with abstracted forms from the structure. The renowned Dubai Fountains may be seen in Burj Park, a great leisure area in Downtown Burj Dubai.

With all the beauty and luxury Dubai offers, it might quickly become one of your family’s favorite travel locations. Now that you are fully aware of the incredible activities available in Dubai and many more excellent things to do, book your trip immediately and have an astounding getaway!


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