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About WTC

Welcome to WTC

INDIA is the most prominent of the developing countries. Tourism is one of its main aspects as people across the globe visit our country and come to know about our culture and habits. Similarly, we tend to know about different cultures and to have a look at the very pleasant to watch sceneries, ancient monuments, heritage centers, and world-class architecture one should travel across the globe.

WTC provides you with all the comforts you need to have the most cherishable tours which will bring smiles to your face whenever you think of them. We take care of the minute comforts needed by you while you are on tour.

It is said one good book makes you know more than the sayings of 100 people and We say one TOUR with us makes you know more than 100 good books.

To make this possible,  WTC provides you to travel all over the world at prices on the budget you can afford without compromising on sightseeing and basic holiday needs.

WTC is a well-established travel company in India. today WTC is a premium brand in all travel-related services in the Indian subcontinent employing over 100 trained professionals. Its Andhra Pradesh operations are headquartered in Hyderabad. It has offices across 10 major cities in Andhra Pradesh. WTC is slowly marking its presence across India & World.

Its Andhra Pradesh operations are headquartered in Hyderabad and have the state of a limited company. It has over-owned offices in AP.

The principal services offered By the company are

  • Research and development of complete program.
  • Identification & reservation of locations.
  • Venue & accommodation selection.
  • Planning, organization and equipping of location area.
  • Specialized exclusive theme dinners.
  • Shows & special entertainments
  • Visa application services
  • Outbound tourism (group package).
  • Insurance application services.
  • Domestic holiday.

Organization of world famous tours

  • Travel with the finest Indian families.
  • Delicious Indian meals with a choice of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, jain menus.
  • Exciting sight seeing.
  • Stay at the finest hotels all over the world.
  • We offer cultural value & services to make the customers feel wonderful about being with us.

To an employee, we provide challenges fulfillment, and a rewarding work environment to keep them motivated to perform to the peak of their potential.

You can always expect more from WTC…